Foto fact.

Photography occurs when you spot something and have a lingering stare for more than 3 seconds. That image is then captured in your mind. Taking a photo of that scenery helps to complements its beauty and save the memory of something that special. I think these days I’m getting more and more into the various aspects of photography. I love exploring the different techniques and discovering something new. I’m going to start a new project today, it’s secret but wish me luck!

Fashion Highlight

As an international prolific figure, Nicola Formichetti is known as an important creative mind in the contemporary fashion.

Born in Tokyo, Nicola has a mix of Italian and Japanese culture which helped him to become an influential voice for art direction and design.

Forminchetti has worked as a fashion director and creative director with AnOther Magazine as well as formed collaborations with V Magazine and American Harper’s Bazaar for campaigns with brands: Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Gareth Pugh and Prada.

During an interview with AnOther Magazine, Forminchetti said, “For me, elegance isn’t something you were born with, it’s something you create. I think it’s something you have an active part in defining for yourself by finding what inspires you. You look for it and it keeps changing. I am still trying to find out what it is.”

Thierry Mugler. Photo from Trendland.

At the moment, Formichetti is the creative director for Thierry Mugler which allows him to be active in the fashion editorial world and influence media communication with his creativity and innovation. Formichetti creates links of traditional and modern fashion to express meaning and concepts through clothes in the industry whether via print or digital communication.

Visit Nicola Formichetti’s tumblr website to discover more about his character and artistic expression.



Film Critique: Paranormal Activity

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Shulman, another horror film fueled with two hours of  jumpy and relatively amusing entertainment.

When will the Paranormal Activity franchise end, it’s been here too long…

Once again, it’s been a while. Five years in fact since the disappearance of characters, Katie and Hunter. As always set in a suburban town where there’s a turn of events and strange things begin to happen.

Of course, it’s because a new family moves into a previously haunted home. Wait but there’s a twist this time, there’s a woman and a mysterious child. Now where have I heard that one before. It’s always closer than you think, the violence and terror from those suspenseful moments.

I think film directors are running out of ideas. These films aren’t scary. That’s probably why it’s coming out before Halloween. And I imagine that most of you have heard the film trailer commercial on repeated occasions via Spotify. Could there be anymore advertising promotion or are they afraid no one is going to see it. I wonder…what is happening with the film industry these days. I would like to know, where is the creativity?

Fashion: Hollywood Costumes Exhibition

Celebrating Hollywood’s amazing costume creations, the Victoria & Albert Museum has opened an exhibition in London.

Sponsored by Harry Winston, the galleries consist of three sections to showcase costume designers vision through storytelling and social observations.

The viewer becomes an anthropologist while deconstructing the polyester costumes, dialogue and final product on the wax figure actors.

Taxi Driver poster. Photo from Google.

The most iconic film characters were chosen to show highlights of costume design who include: Marylin Monroe in Some Like It Hot (1959), Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film, The Birds (1963), Taxi Driver (1976), Saturday Night Fever (1977) and A Room With a View (1985).

The Hollywood costumes allow the viewer to admire the creative processes of ideas and concepts in an interactive way that lead to design production for clothing in films.

The exhibition is open until 27 January 2013. Closest tube: South Kensington on the Piccadilly Line. Student admission is £10.20.

Tim Walker: Story Teller

One of the leading fashion photographers of our time, Tim Walker is exploring an art world of fantasy for his narrative photography project, Story Teller.

London’s Somerset House supported by Mulberry is showcasing his exhibition where the viewer tumble-down the rabbit hole and look through the glass as in Alice in Wonderland.

There are vivid photographic portraits where Tim chose all of the people, clothes and worked on location to find what was right for the pictures.

During a recent interview with Dazed & Confused Magazine, Tim Walker said: “I think Alice In Wonderland will always run in my head: the idea of the girl who falls asleep, tumbles in to a dream world and has to find her way out. It’s the best – the trippiness and the idea of the girl as the heroine. Every girl or boy I photograph is Alice.”

©Tim Walker.

Tim Walker is an astounding British photographer. His style consists of romantic and powerful themed ideas. Previously, Tim has worked with international publications including: The New Yorker, American, British, French, and Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair and W Magazine. Then Harper’s Bazaar even with spoke Tim Walker to find out his ambitions and future ventures.

Walker’s Story Teller exhibition has free admission. The exhibition is at Somerset East Wing galleries until 27 January 2013. Closest tube: Covent Garden or Temple.