Art Review: Cy Twombly

The Gagosian Gallery opened an exhibition showcasing Cy Twombly: “The Last Paintings” in London.

The prominent contemporary American artist, Cy Twombly expressed his artwork with eight untitled paintings.

“CY TWOMBLY: The Last Paintings”. Installation view. Photo: Gagosian Gallery.

The paintings featuring bold, vibrant and intense colors to show the freedom and experimentation style in which Twombly worked. There are powerful, vivid palettes and striking and energetic gestures pulse that never focused on one single reference.

The eight untitled paintings resemble the Camino Real group which was established and formed the Gagosian Paris. Each painting is an improvement as they become more memorable as Twombly gives meaning to life by feeling emotions in the moment. This effort is portrayed in his paintings to the viewer. To visit, closest tube: Euston. Gallery opening hours: 10am-6pm.

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