Absolutely Amazing Artist

One of the greatest French artists during the 19th century is being celebrated at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The remarkable Honoré Daumier was renowned for exploring and commenting on social and political life through the use of cartoons, drawings and lithographs in France.

Throughout the exhibition, Daumier’s work depicts observations of surroundings that delve into reality and imagination. The subjects chosen convey everyday activities in a striking manner with emphasis on facial expressions. This allows the viewer to appreciate the presented emotion.

Artiste: Honoré Daumier (1808 – 1879). Style: Réalisme. Oeuvre: l’Homme à la corde (1858-1860). Format 73 x 111 cm. Technique: Oil en canvas.

Then for the period of time in France, Daumier expresses through art the state of European political instability during the 1808 to 1879 when times were hard. Often, it can be seen how the artist experiments with a range of techniques and media. By focusing on social satire, Daumier is able to create and capture a noble aspect of common things in French society.

This judgement of art and people allows the artist to evoke an intangible atmosphere in his paintings. There is a strong tone representing an inspirational impasse from looking into the space. Most of Daumier’s pieces consist of oil on canvas, pen, pencil, black wash, watercolor and touches of gouache. Daumier was revolutionary for the realism art movement which resulted in admirers including: Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and Quentin Blake.

There is a real presence within the works where great empathy is shown and passed onto the viewer. This exhibition is not to be missed if you’re an art lover visiting London.

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