Beautiful City Day

Sightseeing happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy traveling. Usually adventure springs from my frequent day trips in which I learn something new and intriguing.

Today, I visited Stockholm. Starting at the Nationalmuseum, I wandered around the galleries with imaganation. Then along the cobblestone streets, I found great viewpoints where instagram challenged my Canon T3i SLR.

Small streets. Photo credit: Niya Sinckler

Soon enough, I found my center at Fotografiska. The popular Latvian photographer, Inta Ruka shared portraits of people who she felt each had a story to tell by merely gazing into a camera. Meanwhile, the romantic and poetic Italian photogapher, Paolo Roversi highlighted charcters in polaroid form. Roversi said, “Photography is always more about subtraction than addition for me.” That phrase completely captivated my mind as I continued along the waterside.

Stockholm City waterside. Photo credit: Niya Sinckler
Entrance to Modernamuseet. Photo credit: Niya Sinckler

There are moments in life where we feel the need to add to the things we do. Normally this is when we forget less is more. After that, I crossed a few bridges and traveled uphill to Moderna Museet. The current exhibition which I found most appealing was Surrealism & Marcel Duchamp. This art movement shaped the 20th century influencing many other artists including Andre Breton, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali. I will forever be amazed by this experience in Stockholm.

Marcel Dupchamp. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler
Marcel Duchamp. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler
Salvador Dali. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler

Then strolling through Stureplan, the amusement from the svampen (the mushroom) was cool surrounded by lots of different shops and boutiques. A smile definitely warmed my face when I spotted Sephora. The fashion and style vibe was high fashion following prominent trends. I felt as though, I could roam for hours before returning to Stockholm Central for the Arlanda Express. It was fun times all around eating amazing cuisine at Sturehof and counting the number of Volvo cars seen in a day. Once again, I fell in love with Scandinavia.

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