Film Review: The Counselor

Over the weekend, I saw an amazing crime drama directed by English Ridley Scott at the Odeon cinema.

The thriller, The Counselor follows a rich and successful lawyer who gets thrown into drug trafficking operation.

The film stars the gorgeous Michael Fassbender as The Counselor, beautiful Penélope Cruz, adventurous Cameron Diaz and ambitious Javier Bardem, there are a series of twists and turns. The Counselor is about to get married when he encounters Westway (Brad Pitt) who changes his course of action. Then in order to save his bride to be, The Counselor has to reassess his life to protect his loves ones from the drug business.

As the drug plan develops, sexual moments arise and targets are chosen. It becomes a mission to survive. It’s an epic adventure of excitement. The truth continously unfolds quickly as it has no temperature. The world within the film becomes strangely beautiful. Definitely, a film to be seen soon.

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