Music ~ Vladimir Is Alive !!!

Dead or Alive Promotions is unveiling a creative North London band soon.

The awesome alternative rock trio, Vladimir Is Alive will perform this Friday.

Vladimir Is Alive (from left to right), Igor Delgado Martín on vocals/guitar and Stefan Pantazis on bass 🙂 Photo Credit: Facebook group page.

The group assembled through friendship. Meeting at University of Westminster, the boys decided it was time to shape their future. Imagine you’re in your early 20s, ambitious, committed and dedicated to music, this is what you can become. Clever and crafty musicians that they are, they were able to discover and progress their love for music together. From there, the trio practiced in studios to find their voice. Now that their sound is on point, the band is ready to persevere and thrive all the way.

I’m happy and proud to say that these guys are my friends who work hard and have a real passion for music and life. If you’re a musician, music agent, music pr, music admirer or music lover, this is the band for you.

Only two days until their music is yours. Head over to see the energy these guys hold within. The event is on Friday 24 January 2014 and begins around 8pm…well you know how musicians are…at The Comedy in Leicester Square, Soho. For more about the band and event, please click here.

Fashion ~ Pretty in Paris

Numerous fashion designers are heading to Paris to debut their autumn/winter 2014 menswear collections.

Amazing inspiration styles from throughout the creative arts are hitting the runways in La Ville-Lumière” (“The City of Light”) this week.

Paris! Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler.

Emerging designers are entering the fashion market with hopes to be discovered. According to The Business of Fashion, international designers contributing to the menswear showcase are from: Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turkey, the UK, the US and more. It is evident that Paris is the city to be seen and launch a brand.

Also prominent fashion figures are  celebrities are dominating the front row such as Renzo Rosso and Delphine Anault searching for the new talented young designers. Then celebrities: Kanye West, Lily Allen and Will Smith were also seen admiring items from the runway.

Falling in love with glamour, key themes presented are geometric patterns, digital print, leather tunics, fur detailing, architectural aesthetic and sporty luxe pieces from designers including Carven, 3.1 Phillip LimGivenchy, Dries Van Noten and Comme des Garçons. The heritage element of Paris allows diversity to encompass the city’s fashion platform. Yay Paris Fashion Week!

Défilé Philip Lim, le 16 Janvier à Paris. Photo Credit: AP/Thibault Camus

Art ~ World Class Entertainment

This is art as the amazing comedy-drama HBO TV series returns this week.

Heads up, Girls season 3 is back soon, get excited and hype! Time for Hannah to get naked and Marnie to have a meltdown. Oh la la 😛

Girls main cast from left to right: Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Hannah (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams) and Shoshanna (Shoshanna Shapiro). Photo Credit: The Hunger.

The series follows four girls who are living in the empire state. Hannah, an OCD aspiring writier with loads anxious moments. Next, the best friend, Marnie who is involved in the creative arts world. Then innocent and clueless Shoshanna is constantly floating by. And of course, Jessa, an unpredictable, free-spirit who travels her own path. It’s a barrel of laughter.

The individuals encounter adventures of trial and error as young adults in New York City. Many can relate to those up and down days. The way in which we are each expected to meet social norms in society but somehow end up making our own rules. Often twisted notions for themes including self-discovery, employment, relationships, love, sex and commitment are flaunted with bits of humor to please the audience.

Let’s see what happens with Hannah and Adam. What’s going on with Marnie? Don’t get me started on Shoshanna. And the last question on loyal fans’ minds, where is Jessa? I’m wondering too, let’s discover together by checking out the season promo below. Then to find out more Girls Season 3 will air on 20 January on Sky Atlantic at 10pm for all of us in London.