Travel ~ London to NYC

Moving can be an eye-opening experience. It’s a real adventure. Settling in and adapting to a new environment is a task. It’s one of those situation where you discover a lot about yourself as a person. Patience is needed to survive or stay sane rather. I’m trying to find this city as home again but it’s not quite there yet. Perhaps when things start to fall into place. The early 20s is one big learning curve, constantly wondering how to start, try something new, maybe fail and somehow keep going. Obviously, it was never going to be easy but it helps when there are people who support and believe in you. Everything takes time…especially someone in the millennial generation.

Fashion ~ Style in the city

London delivered an amazing display of fashion for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collections.

For me, Markus Lupfer portrayed the most oustanding presentation at London Fashion Week.

Markus Lupfer display as a cafe. Photo Credit: Google.
Markus Lupfer showing as a cafe. Photo Credit: Google.

The German designer, Markus Lupfer graduated from University of Westminster in 1997. Graduating from the same university, I recognize that anything is possible in this fast-paced industry. Lupfer’s talent is very admirable. It has allowed him to excel within the British fashion sphere. Soon enough, he was given the British Fashion Council‘s New Gen award in 2001. Then over the past ten years, expertise gained him a popular following with awesome millennials and celebrities including: Alexa Chung, Beyonce, Rihanna, Florence Welch, Blake Lively and Lily Allen.

Punk! Merino Wool Sweater by Markus Lupfer. Photo Credit: Google.
Punk! Merino Wool Sweater by Markus Lupfer. Photo Credit: Google.

Markus Lupfer is the definition of contemporary fashion. The image above is my favorite piece from the previous season SS13/14. There is a unique aesthetic. The brand breathes life and inspiration through design. The playful theme in each collection that captures attention of today’s international youth. If you fancy the latest items, you can shop here.

And now time to venture to the next fashion capital. Are you excited?!

Travel ~ For A Better Future

World communication is an essential part of reaching out for international development. It’s worth fighting for social change and striving for education in Nicaragua. Central America has a lot to offer if only we can help and foster their future by bringing skills to local communities. There is potential for progress within the Latin infrastructure. Any donations would be very much appreciated from anyone, click here. Thank you.