Fashion ~ Questionable

Who determines what is right for you to wear, a twist in fashion.

Many fashionistas are purchasing magazines to find that amazing style guide but how long will this trend last.

These days, individuals lack self-belief that their own opinion is enough. Personally, I admire the theme or design that the creative director portrayed. Then there are times when celebrity culture is shoved down your throat and you envision that if you purchase that Kenzo sweater, you will be like her (fill in the blank with actress, singer, model of your choice). What’s the point though? If not, aren’t we just playing by their rules.

I had a friend say to me today, “Can’t believe you’re buying the pink one when Miley has the black.” Who cares about Miley Cyrus! Shouldn’t it just be what I like? Starting to seriously wonder about some people…

There is a relative shift in who calls the shots for fashion. Fashionistas are now looking upon bloggers and Instagram feeds of everyday people to find their inspiration. I think it’s better to identify with someone who is true to their style rather than the print publication adverts of a celebrity paid to wear/promote an item to gain social presence. It’s an integral part of the young generation following, tweeting, pinning and virtually expanding their minds through digital communication. It’s true and will only continue to consume us as social media develops further. I’m excited for more.

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