Op-Ed: Failure

There comes a time in life when you reach that point and just can’t do it anymore.


This is in reference to youth and employment at the current time. So the economy is bad and it’s a constant competition to just get your foot in the door. But what happens when you do and it’s not quite what you expected. Should one continue thinking this is great I have something to. Then on the other hand, it becomes a cynical and stressful circle of how much worse could this be. Well I put an end to it. Yet, it almost feels as though I’ve failed.

Failure can be considered a good thing though. You may stop doing that thing which you were working towards, however this can create an opportunity to drift into a new direction. So we’re not all going to get our dream jobs at a young age. I suppose it’s easier said than done to accept it early and just start somewhere. Hopefully one day, a senior person will see the potential in us millenials. Obviously everything takes time but when you’ve worked so hard and it’s not recognized, this can be rather frustrating.

In situations like these, it’s best to remove one’s self from the setting and start fresh. Finally realized today, maybe I’m not meant to be in that industry. Perhaps my passion is coming to an end and it’s time to find a new inspiration. Moreover, it’s essential to discover what drives you? To have a reason to get up in the morning and actually be excited about what you’re doing. I’m planning to explore another avenue now into what that could possibly be. We’re young, we can do it. Here’s to hoping for better days.

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