Culture ~ Clubbing Scene

Today’s generation loves to party; the clubbing scene is where it’s happening and it will never die because we live for the thrive.

The most difficult part is getting in, what will happen tonight with that notorious bouncer I wonder…just keep positive energetic vibes.

It’s about the art of entering the venue, making your presence known. After surveying the place, choosing a spot to chill. Then checking out if the drink menu is fun. Trying to find something decent that you can keep drinking all night. Obviously discovering new tunes is a given and hopefully meeting the talent. And of course there’s the meeting new people, that aspect of socializing and networking. It’s always nice to make new acquaintances.

In all the craziness, the hours go by quickly. You lose track of time while wrapped up in this atmosphere of warm body heat and darkness. The thing to remember is, it doesn’t matter where you go but who you are with. You can celebrate nights with good crowds. Some believe that the Meatpack District is dead but I think it’s still very much alive! The following list includes amazing places where the music is always on point for a good time in NYC.

Finale ~ 199 Bowery

Santos Party House ~ 96 Lafayette St

Cielo ~ 18 Little West 12th St & 9th Ave

Provacateur ~ Hudson St between 13th St & Gansevoort St

VIP Room ~ 409 West 13th St & 9th Ave

Electric Room ~ 355 West 16th at Dream Downtown

PH-D ~ 355 West 16th St & 9th Ave

Day & Night ~ 431 West 16th St & 9th Ave

Avenue ~ 116 10th Ave bet. 17th & 18th St

1OAK ~ 453 West 17th St & 10th Ave

Lavo ~ 58th St & Madison Ave

Enjoy your nights out clubbing until 4am. And before hopping into a taxi, walk around in the city it’s the best time for almost complete silence.

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