Film ~ Words And Pictures

Each of us communicate in different ways. Directed by Australian producer Fred Schepisi, this drama highlights a humorous rivalry between teachers (Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche) in which they decide what’s more important, words or pictures. A film to see sometime soon, limited viewings.

Fashion ~ Vogue!

Fashion ~ Vogue!

Definitely the best cover this year, Vogue Brasil June 2014. The magazine is set for release 30 May 2014. Yay, only 5 days left now!! The Dream Team photographed above is promoting the culture of Brasil for the pending FIFA World Cup 2014. I’m growing even more excited as we move closer to fashion and football lifestyle. A capa da Vogue Brasil para Junho, com Gisele Bündchen e Neymar Jr. Foto por Mario Testino.

Art ~ Alibis: Sigmar Polke

Former German painter and photographer, Sigmar Polke is bringing his foundation of capitalist realism to New York.

Sigmar Polke was a highly influential postwar generation artist who highlighted art, history, social, political and traditional aspects of German culture in his works.


From using unconventional materials, numerous mediums are explored which blur the boundaries in art.There are 250 powerful works which include drawings, films, installations, paintings and prints. Imagery features art history, cartoons, current affairs and scenes from Polke’s private life.

At an early age, Polke was fond of consumer goods during a time of deprivation.Thus, he experimented with raw materials such as fabric, detergent, paint, coal, tape and bubble wrap to find his own artistic style as a way to defy authority. The composition resulted in figurative abstraction and mocking minimalism and conceptualism.

Polke’s pieces depict valued ideas and meanings from the past. In all, the works make viewers question what is/was as they are amused. The MoMA is presenting the exhibition to convey a retrospective variety of Polke’s subject matter. Get ready for confusion and amazement while trying to discover alibis in contemporary art.