Fashion ~ Connections

Realization has set in after a year of being a postgraduate.

Some of us choose our degrees with passion, while others pursue for security.

After completing a BA Journalism and MA Fashion Business Management, it felt great to accomplish. Then entering a competitive job market was the task at hand. I was prepared to do the necessary to secure a job in what I studied for. Ideally, it’s what we all aim for.

Apparently that’s not going to happen right now. I’ve accepted that within the creative arts, it doesn’t matter about your degree,  it’s who you know. So then it’s necessary to devise different ways of marketing yourself to get noticed. From sending out 300+ CVs a day online, handing out 100+ résumés in person, attending social networking events to frequenting creative media hubs.

Then once you get a foot in the door,  keep playing the game. Yes it’s an unpaid internship but it’s experience. The hard part is being in between. No longer a high school student, university student or recent graduate,  entry level is my calling . I’ve given it all I can.

I’m starting to feel like what’s the point of following your passion if it’s just another rejection letter, a feedback request and then no reply. I’m trying everyday. It’s frustrating and I have weak moments. I won’t give up though. Yet I decided today that it’s time to just take any job because it’s better than striving for a position you’re not getting right now.

Is that the problem with the millennial generation that we would like things right now. It is in fact but it’s not a problem. I think some people in higher positions went for security and not passion that’s why they can afford to hate their jobs but be stable. I can’t and neither should you. It’s that passion and drive to show the business industry we have something to offer. Well I’m ready.

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