Art ~ Sebastian Errázuriz

A remarkable Chilean artist is bringing his designs to New York.

Hailing from Santiago, Sebastian Errázuriz is unveiling his fine arts expertise. 

Sebastian Errázuriz. Credit: Colin Miller.

Often Errázuriz has been quoted saying, ” I don’t know the line between art and design.”

The creator exhibits public art in various locations. Social/reality plays a role in highlighting issues among today. Functional sculptures and sculpture furniture are thought provoking. Then anti design and products always inspire. Constantly emerging with new realms of work, Errázuriz has captivated the art and design industry.

Pushing boundaries into slight illusion conveys how epic pieces can turn heads. The quality of the functional items is absolutely alluring. Viewers wonder about value and train of thought during the creative process. Talent and youth can be seen within the experimental art projects.

Sebastian Errázuriz’s work is displayed at Cristina Grajales Gallery. Additionally, Salon 94 will debut a new exhibition on 12 September.   

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