Photography ~ New Years Resolution

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In the words of Lana Del Rey, they said that the world was built for two. 2014 has been a great year, I explored and learned a lot. From my mom and many around me, I am grateful and fortunate to be alive. Anyways, I’m taking a break from my blog posts. It will only be once a week from now on. It’s time to fulfill my new years resolution with champagne showers (Veuve Clicquot forever) and travel the world with my love, James Andrews. Hoping to find my place soon. Await my new adventures. Feliz 2015 a todos 🙂

Film ~ Deux Jours, Une Nuit

This Belgian drama, Two Days, One Night directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne follows a young mother’s effort to convince her colleagues to save her job over a significant pay bonus. Ever had one of those days where you felt like you had nothing left? In life, sometimes the only way to continue is to ask for help. This film is about compassion, selflessness and humility, when another person can assist for basic survival.