Culture ~ Hindsight

The VH1 hit drama, Hindsight is a romantic comedy that delves into time travel episodes.

Becca and best friend, Lotte on the metro. Photo Courtesy: Rolling Stone.

Following the fantasy of Becca (Laura Ramsey),  we get a chance to all imagine a do over in life. What a way to begin the year with the opportunity to change your course in life.

Have you ever been married and received a second chance to decide on the “I Do” bit, well it happens. At the age of 23, trying to start a creative career is priority. What’s in an occupation?! I say be passionate and keep applying until you find your place.

All these daily moments are apart of what shape us as people. The positives and negatives allow for learning during these experiences. And when you can’t figure it out, music helps. The song below is awesome ūüôā

Photography ~ Mere Observations

Looking forward is the way to be in life with positive vibes.

Yet it’s clear that some things still remain the same.

Midtown Manhattan. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

5 observations from the city I live in, New York.

1. People judge what they don’t understand.

Ask questions, that’s what your mouth is for. Instead of increasing racism and hatred, try being open to different cultures.

2. There was never an update on the #3 train.

I really wonder why the MTA doesn’t care?! Will people in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn ever be taken care of this time around.

3. Millennials making it into fashion week.

Perhaps the model route is the only way in to be ¬†involved. It’s hard enough trying to be apart of an industry so exclusive that a single look means you’ll be ostracized.

4. Attempting to switch careers and feedback.

Must we all change our names to predominantly Caucasian forenames and surnames to get an interview. Or we get the call back and wait for an hour in reception. Is this all a test?

5. Since when are pets more important than human lives.

The amount of times, I’ve seen someone care more for an animal than a person is sad.

Seriously starting to wonder what kind of world we live in…

Culture ~ Seriously Iowa?!

The HBO series, Girls is back with it’s fourth season to entertain millennials.

Most are trying to understand the mid west state of Iowa and this time around will be fun.


I doubt anyone is planning a trip so let’s break down the new location into facts. Hannah (Lena Dunham) decided to pursue her masters in the middle of nowhere. It was possible find a decent sized apartment in one day. Clearly it’s nothing like New York. This new environment will make you question starting over as a 20 something. And yet, good luck to her with those critical writing workshops and pretentious classmates.

In a place where the capital is Des Moines and people steal bikes during lectures, house parties continue into the early hours blasting 90s hip hop. You can feel the rhythm and blues beats of our generation. Then Skype becomes the form of communication to NY since mobile phones aren’t available. This is going to be a trial and error season. A bit slow on the uptake until we recognize the real adventure. Until then, I can’t. Let’s hope it gets better.

Fashion ~ Winter Wear

It’s great to see ladies¬†wearing stylish shearling coats and¬†Canada Goose jackets in different colors on top.¬†Yet¬†I wonder about below the hips, does anyone feel the cold – what is with the ankle exposure?!

Apparently, this is normal to have lovely¬†outwear but leave ankles completely exposed. Then ladies wonder why they are getting sick. The temperature has dropped below 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is freezing point. There’s a difference between style and common sense. It’s become a grin and bear it mentality. From head to toe are the ends of our bodies which hold our warmth in. Below are some options to become a layering pro¬†this season.

Valentino Pre-Fall 2014 Look 01, Butterfly intarsia wool cashmere cape, $8,690. Photo courtesy: Valentino.
Christian Dior Fall Winter 2014, Look 04, Tailored camel cashmere coat, $6,500. Photo courtesy:
Acne Studios misty black knitwear jumper, $400. Photo courtesy: Acne.
Equipment peacoat sloane jumper, $268. Photo courtesy: Equipment
Rag and bone grey cashmere Charlize pant, $200. Photo courtesy: rag and bone.
Michael Kors beige cashmere pants, $300. Photo courtesy: Michael Kors
Loro Piana light grey cashmere pants, $2,050. Photo courtesy: Loro Piana.
Ugg Australia, classic leather boot, $165. Photo courtesy: Uggs.

Hopefully these items are helpful and if not stay inside to avoid frostbite.