Fashion ~ Winter Wear

It’s great to see ladies wearing stylish shearling coats and Canada Goose jackets in different colors on top. Yet I wonder about below the hips, does anyone feel the cold – what is with the ankle exposure?!

Apparently, this is normal to have lovely outwear but leave ankles completely exposed. Then ladies wonder why they are getting sick. The temperature has dropped below 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is freezing point. There’s a difference between style and common sense. It’s become a grin and bear it mentality. From head to toe are the ends of our bodies which hold our warmth in. Below are some options to become a layering pro this season.

Valentino Pre-Fall 2014 Look 01, Butterfly intarsia wool cashmere cape, $8,690. Photo courtesy: Valentino.
Christian Dior Fall Winter 2014, Look 04, Tailored camel cashmere coat, $6,500. Photo courtesy:
Acne Studios misty black knitwear jumper, $400. Photo courtesy: Acne.
Equipment peacoat sloane jumper, $268. Photo courtesy: Equipment
Rag and bone grey cashmere Charlize pant, $200. Photo courtesy: rag and bone.
Michael Kors beige cashmere pants, $300. Photo courtesy: Michael Kors
Loro Piana light grey cashmere pants, $2,050. Photo courtesy: Loro Piana.
Ugg Australia, classic leather boot, $165. Photo courtesy: Uggs.

Hopefully these items are helpful and if not stay inside to avoid frostbite.

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