Culture ~ Hindsight

The VH1 hit drama, Hindsight is a romantic comedy that delves into time travel episodes.

Becca and best friend, Lotte on the metro. Photo Courtesy: Rolling Stone.

Following the fantasy of Becca (Laura Ramsey),  we get a chance to all imagine a do over in life. What a way to begin the year with the opportunity to change your course in life.

Have you ever been married and received a second chance to decide on the “I Do” bit, well it happens. At the age of 23, trying to start a creative career is priority. What’s in an occupation?! I say be passionate and keep applying until you find your place.

All these daily moments are apart of what shape us as people. The positives and negatives allow for learning during these experiences. And when you can’t figure it out, music helps. The song below is awesome 🙂

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