Photography ~ Day Out

Leaving my house at 10am, it’s snowing. Not even, there are multiple flurries falling fast. With each one that hits my nose, I’m reminded I hate winter. Instead of writing about established creatives, today I decided to highlight my own work. Pacing from Midtown Manhattan to Soho, it was an adventure. Within each district, I discovered more as the city unfolded.

Sometimes it’s nice to look up. Credit: Niya Sinckler.
We live in a yellow world. Credit: Niya Sinckler.

This was one of those days out where I walked without giving up and taking a taxi. Also the drivers were all enjoying lunch, The smells of spice and flavour filled about six blocks straight on Lexington Avenue. Totally made me hungry for a lamb vindaloo. Then I saw Chote Nawab. The streets were scarce since there was definitely chance of frostbite.

Dogs will always be better. Credit: Niya Sinckler.

Venturing from east to west, I wandered into Chelsea where the Gagosian Gallery lured me in. The exhibition, In the Studio: Paintings featured works by 40 artists during their creative process. The space in which art is created has an alluring effect when displayed through two mediums towards: creators and viewers along with the seven security officials guarding the artwork. Focusing on appearance, the reflection of 18th and 19th century pieces was a beautiful way to feel inspired in a calming environment.

New York, New York (Sinatra lyrics playing in my head). Credit: Niya Sinckler.

Following my art admiration, it was time to relax. As the day shifted from light to dark, Booker And Dax was the venue for cocktail hour.

Tropical Thunder is the answer. Credit: Niya Sinckler
Arroz con pollo and for those who don’t understand Spanish…rice and chicken. Credit: Niya Sinckler.

The entrée photographed above, my dinner was a delicious dish from Cuba restaurant located at 222 Thompson Street in the West Village. Amazingly cool tropical decor and warm customer service. What a vibrant atmosphere with mojitos, island vibes and live jazzy salsa music, loved it 🙂

My love and my favorite ❤ Credit: Niya Sinckler.

Feeling good, it was time to continue the fiesta at an Australian restaurant, Flinder’s Lane where my friends decided to recreate a South Park character #kenny. Lol peace. In the end, it was an awesome day out until I saw this:

Because celsius is cold.

Art ~ Flash Fiction

Crowded tube station. Thousands rushing to their seats. Cold lager in hand. The smell of wet grass. Colorful boots all around. Running for 90 minutes. 22 men prepared. Whistles blowing. Balls rolling. Corners taken. Headers given. Build up by skills and dribbling. Accurate passes. Speed sprints like lightning. Kicks to cross. Chances presented. Net left wide open. So close you can taste it. White shirts. Red shirts. Home and away. A pull here, a push there. Coaches standing on the line. Gum chewing like a nervous guy waiting for test results. Spit flies in the air. The cheeky smile from a fan. Signs held high. Final cheer. You know the score.