Fashion ~ The System

Question of today: why do clients purchase on trend clothes and then return them  at the end of the season?

What happened to the appreciation of craftsmanship by fashion creative directors.

It’s almost as though the clients know the system and operate accordingly. Perhaps this is the nature of the business. It makes one wonder where are the real fashionistas hiding.

Not the bloggers taking photos to advertise brands, not the super rich buying just because but the true artists of creation. I’m setting out on a mission to find those true lovers of fashion. The emerging designers, amazing photographers and creative stylists have my attention.

Culture ~ NY Nail Salons

Mani pedi sessions have become a way of relaxation and refreshment for ladies in the city.

Though few women know about the deplorable nail salon industry practices in New York.

OPI’s Thrill of Brazil nail lacquer. Taken by Niya Sinckler at Beauty Line 55.

The first world approach of quick beautification is about to change as the state is looking into employment structure, wages and salon licenses.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking action to inform manicurists of their legal rights. According to NY Magazine, the New York Department of Consumer Affairs is investigating nail salon employment agencies to ensure that workers’ rights are not violated.

Moreover, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, ” We will use all available powers to shield nail-salon works from deplorable conditions, empower them with awareness of their rights and offer every other support.”

Art ~ Reappearing

The Whitney Museum is now open to the public  at it’s new downtown location in the Meatpacking District.

As new American art is presented, come explore the depths of dimensions to an artist’s impression of their work.


The young Japanese artist, Chiura Obata inspired me with her evening glow of reality. The transition from East to West is reflected in the artist’s piece where there’s a merge of artistic styles from Japanese single brushstroke to contemporary form to make an impression on the viewer. The work features a woodblock print on a sheet for materials used. It’s a true gem.