Travel ~ Inspired by Cuba

It’s amazing that US and Cuban foreign relations are improving. What a beautiful island to admire since Cuba has so much to offer.

About four years ago, I visited Havana feeling transformed and englightened as an individual. Today, I decided to relive that experience and visit an authentic Cuban restaurant to travel in time.

Agozar was the first stop. Located in the East Village, this Cuban bistro has strong mojitos and jazzy mixes of charanga, guajira, mambo, pachanga and rumba tunes. You feel alive from the colorful and historical decor of heritage. There’s a sense of pride and community welcoming you in.

Who doesn’t love a mojito?! Photo: Me.

After sometime, I took a walk over to Alphabet City. And almost missing the entrance, I eventually found Cienfuegos. This nuevo Latino style restaurant was perfect for rum and tapas. The variety of rum stocked was impressive with multiple Caribbean and Latin nations presented: Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico to name a few. For food, empandas carne, yuca fritas and croquetas de jamon filled me well (shown below).

Yummy tapas! Photo: Me.

The beach inspired walls reminded me of my walk along El Malecon (seafront pier), waves crashing against the rocks, children hanging on the edge and the soul of Havana. Definitely worth a visit or fly there – flights.