Film ~ We Are Your Friends

Directed by Max Joseph, We Are Your Friends features an aspiring DJ, Cole Carter (Zac Efron) who is searching for his path in life for fame and fortune in California.

Among three friends, Carter enters a social scene for music. The music is EDM. It’s about the bass and movement for dance. Connecting to the crowd and making an impression is what matters most. Finding influential sounds from all around him, he’s able to create an original sample. It’s assembled in a creative way evoking emotion. That type of collective conscious that arises often at music festivals. We can all do it when opportunity is presented.

The film captures the essence of the millennial struggle. We are all doing different things in the real world. We each expect to be at a certain point by a particular age. So we hustle and we try. Everyone can find themselves in one of the characters. Are you the DJ, promoter, drug dealer or solid friend?

We all have a dream and often wonder are we doing enough? We can do more. There’s a true message, if you have/can find your skill, just go all in to be successful. Good vibes, I loved this film!

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