Fashion ~ Miss New York USA 2016

This weekend, I was afforded the opportunity to compete at the Miss New York USA 2016 Pageant. As a newbie and finalist, it was all too exciting. From researching information to buying an evening gown, I enjoyed every minute.

Also it opened my eyes to seeing the world a different way. I learned more about myself as an individual. I gained more self confidence. Let me tell you, it was a lot of rehearsal work, practicing dance moves and eating healthy. Once routines were in order, it was about time management and running around the stage. The audience really has no idea what happens behind the curtains.

Honestly, it takes guts to close your eyes and have someone do your hair and makeup, thank you Jacklyn Beauty. The best bit was the parade of events. I was able to wear a fun black sparkly cocktail dress and dance to a choreographed opening number. Next up, I swayed my hips in an aquamarine Venus swimsuit. Then, I felt elegant and graceful in a royal blue Sherri Hill evening gown from MissesDressy on live stream for 1,000 people. It was fun  being cheered on despite the pressure from seven judges. I was full of energy and smiles, totally reminded me of my modeling days. Lastly, I was able to meet and befriend many beautiful, inspiring and smart ladies from all walks of life. I will treasure this amazing experience always. I wish everyone a bright and successful journey into their future.

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