Film ~ The Girl On The Train

The moment we’ve all been waiting for will come tomorrow as British author, Paula Hawkins‘s international best-selling thriller novel, The Girl On The Train debuts in cinemas.

Director Tate Taylor tailored the film, The Girl On The Train to follow a divorcee, Rachel (Emily Blunt) as she gets wrapped up in a missing persons investigation. While on the train, we all often people watch out the window. It’s that mere curiosity and observation that leads to a mysterious and shocking discovery.  Get ready for the element of surprise, intense sex scenes and questioning what you would have done if ever in the main character’s position.

Well, DreamWorks knew a degree of popularity would arise one day. The company bought the rights to the film before the novel was even released. Imagine that for a proper premonition. Surely, you’ve read a review of the film from one of the many major media outlets or seen the trailer. What they didn’t say was whether they actually read the novel. Well I did and I hope it lives up to my expectations or exceeds them. Decide for yourself. Check showtimes here. Happy viewing!

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