Travel ~ 32. Pretty in Panama.

After spending three days in Panama, I learned about the architecture, cuisine, fashion, history, sights and now truly appreciate the culture.

Travel ~ 31. Iceland

Twenty-one photos of my adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland. Loved it!

Travel ~ Airline Appreciation

One of my favourite places is the airport, any airport. I can’t quite explain it. Perhaps it’s the excitement of knowing that you’re going somewhere, smiling at the planes taking off or just people watching which I find entertaining. Either way, thank you Delta Airlines for taking and returning me home safely. Check out my photos below  🙂 🙂 🙂


Travel ~ Cuba.

Today we say rest in peace to the iconic revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro. My condolences to all the Cuban people. El Presidente’s legacy will always be remembered. I truly admire Castro’s work for the island nation, Cuba.


I hope that in the future people are open minded and actually travel to the country as I did to learn about Cuban culture and values. Definitely a destination to put on your bucket list. Viva Cuba! 🇨🇺