Travel ~ 32. Pretty in Panama.

After spending three days in Panama, I learned about the architecture, cuisine, fashion, history, sights and now truly appreciate the culture.

Travel ~ Surprise!

There’s something really special about when someone goes on a new journey. It’s better when you’re there with them and when not possible…a postcard is enough. It says I was thinking about you and wanted to share this moment. My boyfriend recently visited a country on my travel list, Ecuador. As a gesture of love, he sent me an hola from Quito. Call me old-fashioned but I love receiving letters and postcards 🙂


Film ~ Pelé: Birth of a Legend

The biographical film, Pelé: Birth of a Legend about the renowned Brasilian footballer debuted at Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend warming hearts in New York.

Directed and written by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist, the sport biopic follows our favourite rising star, Edson Arantes do Nascimento‘s life from the early age of 9 to 17 during World Cup adventures.

The drama stars Kevin de Paula, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rodrigo Santoro (love him!), Diego Boneta and Colm Meaney. Strong themes of national identity and a paternal relationship are conveyed encouraging motivation and drive often seen in successful athletes. The message that it’s important to practice and have courage is presented throughout the feature as everything else will fall into place.

This film made me proud to have Brasilian heritage and love football even more. By the way, can you believe that Pelé is 75? What a great way to honour the legend. I would definitely go see it again and highly recommend to all. Muito obrigada e parabéns IFC Films!

Photography ~ Getty Images Gallery

A unique collection of the greatest archives are on display at the largest independent photographic gallery in London.

Numerous negatives and powerful prints from the 1850s to present day were unveiled throughout various exhibitions at the Getty Images Gallery.

Poolside exhibition. Photo: Getty Images Gallery.

Adventure awaits! Admission is free. Address: 40 Eastcastle Street by Oxford Circus.