Travel ~ 31. Iceland

Twenty-one photos of my adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland. Loved it!

Travel ~ Nomadic Lifestyle

Wouldn’t you love to be a nomad, of course we all dare to explore.

Trying to find my way. Photo credit: James Andrews.
Trying to find my way. Photo credit: James Andrews.

Obviously there ups and downs of traveling nestling in our minds.

First off, it’s agreeable to think…why do you travel:

1. To see a loved one

2. Family reasons

3. For work (why not mix business with leisure!)

4. A new adventure

5. To escape

Any of those reasons justify the spirit within you. I love the idea of never stopping. The rush of knowing that there’s more to come. At times, you feel like you don’t have a place to call home but it’s worth it. So far at the age of 22, I am grateful and fortunate to have visited 27 countries. I plan to visit for 63 countries. Meanwhile there are roughly 196 independent countries recognized in the world, someone has to go to them. Here’s to wishing friends and acquaintances happy holidays 🙂