Music ~ Autumn Album.

LA-based indie rock band, Warpaint is sharing new music. How exciting!

Photo: Press.

The dream pop and psychedelic vibe continues to impress. Listen to lead vocal singer, Emily Kokal and float away into an ambient trance mode. The track, ‘Whiteout’ will take you to another place until the new album, ‘Heads Up’ is released on Friday 23 September 2016.

Music ~ Rocking My World

American rock band, HAIM pronounced like “time” is continuing to go global.

When three California sisters, Este at 26 on guitar/bass, Danielle at 23 on vocals/guitar, and Alana at 21 on guitar/keyboards decided to enter the music world, it was time to be blown away.

Photo Credit: HAIM by The Guardian.

Based in LA and signed to Columbia Records, the girls created a sound of rhythm & blues, pop and folk all mixed into one jam. Often HAIM is compared to Fleetwood Mac. Yet most of their influences are modern musicians including: The Strokes, TLC, Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey.

From playing at international gigs and festivals, HAIM gained a massive following. From that, the girls won BBC Sound of 2013. Following that, HAIM released their latest album, Days Are Gone. Also, the independent music site, Pitchfork listed the all girl group in their top 50 albums list of 2013.

Photo Credit: Days Are Gone Cover. Google.

And this is my current favorite song off of this amazing 15-track album: