Arts ~ Festival of Life and Infinity Nets.

The famed Japanese avant-garde sculptor and painter, Yayoi Kusama is coming back around again to debut new infinity rooms next month in New York.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.53.29 AM

The show will open on 02 November and take place at three separate David Zwirner locations: downtown, Chelsea and the Upper East Side. There will be two new Infinity Mirror Rooms and of course the artist’s signature polka dots. Expect lots of colourful  lights downtown, cool stainless steel orbs in Chelsea and a lovely painting series uptown. Get ready to queue up and enjoy the art and Instagram mania.

Festival of Life and Infinity Nets are on view at David Zwirner, 525 and 533 West 19th Street and 34 East 69th Street, November 2–December 16, 2017.

Art ~ Philip Guston at Hauser & Wirth

Sometimes I visit art galleries in the evening after work. Something always stands out. Today it was the painting seen below. Canadian painter and printmaker, Philip Guston uses abstract expressionism with cartoon vibes to create vibrant works. Most of the pieces highlight social realism. The exhibition, Philip Guston: Painter, 1957 – 1967 is on until 29 July 2016 at Hauser & Wirth in Chelsea, New York.

This is during Philip Guston’s transition period. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Arts ~ Met Breuer

Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, the Met Breuer opened this week to Members only on the Upper East Side in New York.

The beautiful landmark building designed by architect, Marcel Breuer on Madison Avenue and 75th Street welcomed art lovers to view almost 200 works from the 15th century to present day.

My favourite exhibition, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible commenced on the third floor in the Renaissance period. Self portraits by a renowned Dutch painter aligned the museum walls. At one point, I remember looking up and seeing this quote: “A work is complete if in its master’s intentions have been realized,” said Rembrandt van Rijn. His Baroque etchings were masterful as always bringing back memories of visits to Amsterdam and Leiden.

My favourite pieces at Met Breuer. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Continuing to take three steps and pause, I wondered what makes a piece finished? It was then I took a left into a small room with countryside paintings and prints by Joseph Mallord William Turner moving into English romanticism. Traveling east for artist, Eugène Delacroix, l landed in French romanticism. Soon, nature ran its course in landscape paintings from French Impressionist, Claude Monet leading to short flashbacks of Musée d’Orsay and Le Petit Palais.

On the 4th floor, we entered the world distinct painters. Starting with classic style of Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso. Of course, pop art pieces from Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol were there. Then media, colourful wrapped sweets in the corner and dirt significantly positioned made the transition into modern periods.

Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti‘s existentialism sparked attention as a group of ladies discussed their perspectives. German visual artist, Gerhard Richter was highlighted for his production of abstract art with hints of photorealism. By the last room, I had a seat and admired the series of vibrant green paintings by American artist, Cy Twombly.

In all, it was a lovely spring day to get out and explore. Surely the exhibition left you wondering why is it necessary to finish art if certain strokes or themes can change a concept. Stay tuned until the Met Breuer opens to the public on Friday 18 March 2016.

Culture ~ Football Creates Community

Football often brings people together as it knows no race or religion, no judgement at all, just appreciation and love of the sport.

From that, McDonald’s launched a passionate sports initiative to embrace the football culture and followers with the upcoming FIFA World Cup international sport event.

McDonalds passionate tent before Red Bull Arena entrance. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler
USA x Turkey football match, Red Bull Arena. Photo credit: Niya Sinckler.

First, supporters were able to attend a send-off series match. This featured USA x Turkey at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. It was a wonderful experience to be apart of the crowd. Hearing the roars of the stadium. Chanting away for your team accompanied by a beer and sunshine was a perfect way to spend last Sunday. There were over 26,000 fans there to celebrate US soccer which resulted in a 2-1 win for the US National Team.

Living in the moment, game time with my friend, Alexander Tong. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler.
Living in the moment, game time with my friend, Alexander Tong. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler.

Then there was an awesome McDonald’s sponsored World Cup launch party. With the event less than a week away, it was a great way to socialize within the media sphere. McDonald’s debuted their new fry box with news treats, menus, food and beverages for all guests to enjoy as seen below. Through social networks, it’s possible to play games internationally and interact more with the brand: Twitter and Instagram.

McDonalds new fry box designed by Jim Skwak. Photo Credit: Jim Skwak Facebook.
McDonalds new fry box designed by Jim Skwak. Photo Credit: Jim Skwak Facebook.

Art, music and football were celebrated all night. Expressionist and action painter, Ben Mosley was lovely to watch live in the action. He created sports, people and city life pieces. Featured below are inspiring pieces called City Life and Team Spirit England. It was amazing to discover a new Peruvian and Argentine band, Periko y Jessi Leon. The msuic was the perfect addition to influence the atmosphere with a fun and vibrant vibe.

Amazing piece by UK artist, Ben Mosley. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler.
Loved watching Ben Mosley in the creative process. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler.
Periko & Jessi Leon performing at World Cup launch party. Photo Credit: Niya Sinckler.

Also, a variety of celebrities were in attendance including: Jaime King, Tyson Beckford, Joey Fatone, Scott Disick, Katrina Bowden and Victor Cruz. And it was the perfect way to end the night. Thank you SocialChorus for allowing me to enjoy these events.

Pretty cool meeting international supermodel Tyson Beckford last night. Photo Credit: Yi Lu.
Pretty cool meeting international supermodel Tyson Beckford last night. Photo Credit: Yi Lu.