Arts ~ Mariah Robertson

Brooklyn-based artist, Mariah Robertson will open our eyes to experimental photographs this coming weekend.

Mariah Robertson, 191, 2016, unique chemical treatment on RA4 paper, 66 x 50 inches.

The intricate details, abstract style and variety of colours are truly mesmerizing. Take a stroll to the Upper East Side and explore another world of art at the Van Doren Waxter gallery.

Arts ~ Dream States

Dreams are one of those aspects of life which we question, analyze and ponder every morning when we wake up.

Dream States exhibition at The Met. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Images and ideas float in our minds as one tries to understand the emotion and connections. Meanwhile, artists are often inspired by the unconscious mind and in this case it’s surrealism.

Surrealism is my favourite 1920s art and literary movement. The greats come to mind such as André Breton (French), Francisco Goya (Spanish), Max Ernst (German), René Magritte (Belgian) and Salvador Dalí (Spanish). It’s amazing to view an alternative degree of content and context in art.

About 30 photographs and video works are on display focusing on the 1970s to present day with some of the best including black and white portraits by Robert Frank, Jem Southam’s never-ending spectacular skies, radiant Irish rainbows and lovely English seascapes. Discover how surrealism creatively transforms the way things are seen. Let your mind wonder and escape into its own irrational reality.

The exhibition, “Dream States: Contemporary Photographs and Video” is open from 16 May 2016 t0 30 October 2016 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Address: 1000 5th Avenue by 82nd Street. Hours: 10am-5:30pm.

Art ~ Decade Perception

Born in Germany during 1948, Isa Genzken has influenced many artists over the past years.

Bringing her contemporary art to NYC, there is a diverse body of work on display at the MoMA.

Isa Genzken. Bild (Painting). 1989. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2012. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar

In NYC, art lovers tend to recognize Genzken’s sculptures yet recently colorful collages, detailed drawings, beautiful paintings and striking photographs are being introduced to the city. The architecture of her pieces depict strong themes of nationalism, globalism and consumerism.

The installations are going to captivate our souls as well. Viewers will begin to question notions of life. Iza Genzken’s investigative process of creating art stimulates social experience. The retrospective presents cultural symbols in the exhibition.