Travel ~ 31. Iceland

Twenty-one photos of my adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland. Loved it!

Travel ~ Countdown Begins

Travel inspires us to look at things a different way with each experience. Venturing to a country can open numerous doors and establsh new paths of thinking. Travel is like a drug, you always crave more adventure.

It’s apparent that we might always have the funds to go there but there are other ways. Making the most of moments around you. Through news, film and entertainment, it’s possible to enjoy various cultures.

Newspapers allow the invitation to read and digest what’s going on abroad. Films create that escape to learn about the cultural aspects and customs of another country. Entertainment, the distraction so it almost feels like we’re on vacation.

Until then, I’m cloudgazing wondering where the planes are heading…

b Photo from Google.


Lately, I’ve been looking up at the sky and seeing planes wondering where they’re heading…I think it’s time for a vacation. I’m going to start planning from now. Since prices are bound to go up soon as there are multiple airport renovations taking place. Watch out for the rise in fares, especially in Europe and South America for this summer. Time to pick a destination!