Arts ~ Mário Pedrosa.

Mário Pedrosa was born in Pernambuco, Brasil. Pedrosa is recognised as one of Latin America’s favourable public intellectual critics regarding art, history and philosophy.

Often Mário’s work focused on Brazilian visual culture through the transition era. During the 1940s, it was a critical time for the modes of modernism and social realism. Eventually, this led to new and exciting trends within the world of arts.


This Sunday 24 September, there is a 3pm talk titled: “Mário Pedrosa: On the Affective Nature of Form” at Whitney Museum in New York. The retrospective event will feature the Brazilian’s life and work. Also, there is a great exhibition, On the Affective Nature of Form on display at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.

Whitney Museum Address: 99 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10014. Hours: 10:30am-10pm. Tickets $8/$10.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Address: Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid, Spain. Hours: 10am-9pm. Tickets 10€/8€.


Fashion ~ Making Statements

Consumers across the world are burning and destroying products of brands associated with particular political parties. Even athletes are considering to withdraw their sponsorship deals to endorse certain brands. The first brand is New Balance. Something tells me the brand won’t meet their sales targets on Black Friday or Christmas this year. Regardless, it’s interesting to see how politics can play a role in fashion. As consumers, we are able to choose. Following the discussion on social media, many images have been uploaded. Have a look at one below and seriously review the brands you’re supporting to stand for something.

Burn New Balance. Photo: The Hunger.

Culture ~ Where is the humanity?!

For those who are not aware, there is currently an Israeli-Palestinian conflict going on.

The international community has been observing for some time now and yet done nothing which makes you wonder what is the real strategic objective.

This war has been ongoing since 1947 with infinite casualties. The death toll on both sides rises each day in Gaza. And it’s continously sad to read about fatalities everyday in newspapers.

It’s time for the western nations to stop funneling funds into countries for their own beneficial gain. It’s not right to allow manipulation and political stance to control governments. How reckless! Why is there never a common ground? Offer an olive branch. Devise diplomatic terms. One would think so in an ideal world, otherwise all the other past wars would still be going on.

Meanwhile, the key areas of mutual recognition of borders, security, water control, free movement for Palestinians and Israeli claims of settlement are forever unresolved. The level of violence which continuously escalates only shows how inhumane some parts of the world have become.

Although I have never lived in this type of lifestyle situation, I feel for the children who are new, young and innocent that will never grow up knowing what peace is. What has to happen! When will it end?

Art ~ Latin American Flare

The concept of contemporary art is often questioned by many in New York.

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today exhibition challenges creative approaches of artists to depict reality.

Imagine getting lost in the Latin color blend.
Imagine getting lost in the Latin color blend.

There are about 40 artists featured who convey cultural, social, economic and political aspects in their works. Themes of conceptualism, political activism, modern and participation are prominent within the pieces. Fifteen different Latin countries portray, development and progress throughout historical periods. It becomes clear that it’s possible to explore alternative creative thinking for the future.

The exhibition is open at the Solomon R. Gugghenheim Museum, located at 1071 Fifth Avenue by 89th St. until October 2014.