Arts ~ Festival of Life and Infinity Nets.

The famed Japanese avant-garde sculptor and painter, Yayoi Kusama is coming back around again to debut new infinity rooms next month in New York.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.53.29 AM

The show will open on 02 November and take place at three separate David Zwirner locations: downtown, Chelsea and the Upper East Side. There will be two new Infinity Mirror Rooms and of course the artist’s signature polka dots. Expect lots of colourful  lights downtown, cool stainless steel orbs in Chelsea and a lovely painting series uptown. Get ready to queue up and enjoy the art and Instagram mania.

Festival of Life and Infinity Nets are on view at David Zwirner, 525 and 533 West 19th Street and 34 East 69th Street, November 2–December 16, 2017.

Arts ~ Surrounded by Sport.


“Amethyst Sports Ball Cavern” by Daniel Arsham, Galerie Perrotin. 2016. Photos: Niya Sinckler.

Arts ~ László Moholy-Nagy.

The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed art museum, The Guggenheim recently featured the Austro-Hungarian multifaced artist, László Moholy-Nagy across a variety of mediums including art, life and technology. The abstract canvases, advertising illustrations, film and photography were all truly mesmerizing.

Art ~ Latin American Flare

The concept of contemporary art is often questioned by many in New York.

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today exhibition challenges creative approaches of artists to depict reality.

Imagine getting lost in the Latin color blend.
Imagine getting lost in the Latin color blend.

There are about 40 artists featured who convey cultural, social, economic and political aspects in their works. Themes of conceptualism, political activism, modern and participation are prominent within the pieces. Fifteen different Latin countries portray, development and progress throughout historical periods. It becomes clear that it’s possible to explore alternative creative thinking for the future.

The exhibition is open at the Solomon R. Gugghenheim Museum, located at 1071 Fifth Avenue by 89th St. until October 2014.