Travel ~ 35. Hungry for History in Hungary.

Since I was little girl, I have loved history. Learning about the Austro-Hungarian empire at school, I was inspired to visit Hungary one day. This summer, I managed to fulfill that dream and explore a new area of the world. For a long time, I admired the photographer, Brassaï who embraced European culture and captured the beauty of city streets.  These days, I am doing the same. Enjoy below my shots of beautiful Budapest!


Photography ~Age Progression

My most recent project series entitled, Age Progression celebrates youth during their transition into adulthood.

From interviewing and photographing subjects, it was important to convey how our interests change as we grow older using everyday objects. Through that, I came up with themes for each photo, located settings for scenes and took stills of each person naturally as they continued activities according to their lifestyle.

Candy to Cigarettes - NS
Candy to Cigarettes, London. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Set in London after university days, the photo Candy to Cigarettes represents how interests can alter as one grows older. Instead of sucking on lollies, it became cigarettes. Things change over time. There are always moments of nostalgia. Still, the taste of strawberry and peach flavoured Chupa Chups alone brings back memories of childhood.

Andrei Valentin Adam, 25 from Romania highlighted in Soda to Alcohol said, “To drink or not to drink, that is the question?” This was a night out in Dublin with friends which went from a birthday dinner to a pub crawl through Temple Bar. When younger soda was always the exciting choice. Then as a young adult, your selection varies as we explore the different beverages at social engagements.

Soda to Alcohol - NS
Andrei Valentin Adam in Soda to Alcohol, Dublin. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Ever notice everyone around you is always on the go normally with their mobile in hand. It can be annoying if you’re one of those people who likes to look up and around as you pace the city blocks. Standing still sometimes can be nice though since we’re constantly on the go. Krzysztof, 25 from Poland photographed in Phones to Cars recalled his childhood saying, “As long as I can remember I wanted to be faster than anyone. What else is better to experience than speed?” The photo was brought to life to portray the element of movement. He took a minute to have a go at someone on the phone instead of rushing off in his Mercedes. This is a moment before the rush hour, taken in the Flatiron/Gramercy district of New York.

Phones to Cars - NS
Krzystzof Dvszka in Phones to Cars, New York. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Bilal Elsayed, 25 from Egypt featured in Playground to Sports is a moment most can relate to during the spring. That familiar place, a playground where you feel comfortable to walk, run, hide, seek before other hobbies develop. Bilal believes that, “Football allows a person to find their inner strengths and weaknesses as they build character on the pitch but it depends.” The idea was to display the transformation from youth to young adult. The fact that he has moved on but the playground will always linger there in the background. It was fun taking this picture because I had to time the frames right to avoid including small children running around at Twenty-Four Sycamores Park in New York.

Playground to Sports - NS
Bilal El-Sayed in Playground to Sports, New York. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

As a child, we make friends from different walks of life. Most of us when younger believe it’s about the quantity and try to communicate with everyone. My great-grandmother, Elease Austin once told me, “if but one have a friend” while she held out her left hand to show a handful was enough. It’s over time that we learn it’s quality not quantity. Some friendships we maintain, others come and go as they are needed in our lives. Often the people meant to be there find a way to remain. Eventually those relationships over time can lead to love. Luckily, that’s what I found with my Australian boyfriend, James Andrews. The photo below was taken an hour before the London Underground was closing. It took about 17 minutes to set up the camera/tripod, wait until the station emptied and time the train’s arrival at Waterloo tube station in London.

Friendship to Love - NS
James Andrews and Niya Sinckler in Friendship to Love, London. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

This idea came about as a way to express how I felt about the current times, the way in which millennials are growing and moving towards certain things in life. Every photo has the themes presented such as time and speed around moments in life. Also notice that none of the subjects are making eye contact. This was done purposefully to make the viewer decide the level of emotion in the photo instead of what the subject was saying through their eyes. Each subject tells a story. The photos are meant to amuse and evoke thought for viewers to explore the possibility of what other parallels or transitions we make in life. At times, this even happens without us realizing. In all, the project represents age progression with key objects and close friends becoming characters of their own lives to depict what we all encounter, endure and escape.

Art ~ Sebastian Errázuriz

A remarkable Chilean artist is bringing his designs to New York.

Hailing from Santiago, Sebastian Errázuriz is unveiling his fine arts expertise. 

Sebastian Errázuriz. Credit: Colin Miller.

Often Errázuriz has been quoted saying, ” I don’t know the line between art and design.”

The creator exhibits public art in various locations. Social/reality plays a role in highlighting issues among today. Functional sculptures and sculpture furniture are thought provoking. Then anti design and products always inspire. Constantly emerging with new realms of work, Errázuriz has captivated the art and design industry.

Pushing boundaries into slight illusion conveys how epic pieces can turn heads. The quality of the functional items is absolutely alluring. Viewers wonder about value and train of thought during the creative process. Talent and youth can be seen within the experimental art projects.

Sebastian Errázuriz’s work is displayed at Cristina Grajales Gallery. Additionally, Salon 94 will debut a new exhibition on 12 September.   

Culture ~ How Far Is Too Far in Games?

Recently, I read an article in The Independent about the new and disturbing Grand Theft Auto V trend, virtual rape.

The popular game series, Grand Theft Auto known for its mission-based storyteling style with numerous virtual crimes including looting and murder; now permits gamers to edit codes to explore a world of sexual violence.


Now I’m all for video games from Sega to PlayStation to Xbox but what kind of example does this set for international youth? This is too far. The Grand Theft Auto V is allowing players to experience virtual pleasures through thrusting animation. There is no way this should be deemed appropriate when there are several rape incidents globally each day.

Rape whether virtual or real is not okay. If there is meant to be any progress with global sexual assault and abuse then there shouldn’t be games with this behavior for entertainment and especially to an online community. Also the fact that only female avatars are being subject to this behavior is even more problematic. Some people don’t realize that the internet is a viral community. Images can easily be manipulated and even turn into videos.

Since it doesn’t stop there because players can then upload and share their virtual actions to YouTube. To me, this is saying hey there let’s create virtual rapists. Is this really the message a video game company should be sending when they know their biggest clients are averaged ages 8 and up. While young, you absorb information and experiences which help to shape you as a person. I don’t think displaying graphic sexual violence as a feature is part of the right path within consumer culture.

What’s more, there have been situations where there are indiviuals who can’t tell the difference between the virtual world and reality. Perhaps psychological issues play more to their behavior but suppose this happens in real life, who is to blame?

Op-Ed: Failure

There comes a time in life when you reach that point and just can’t do it anymore.


This is in reference to youth and employment at the current time. So the economy is bad and it’s a constant competition to just get your foot in the door. But what happens when you do and it’s not quite what you expected. Should one continue thinking this is great I have something to. Then on the other hand, it becomes a cynical and stressful circle of how much worse could this be. Well I put an end to it. Yet, it almost feels as though I’ve failed.

Failure can be considered a good thing though. You may stop doing that thing which you were working towards, however this can create an opportunity to drift into a new direction. So we’re not all going to get our dream jobs at a young age. I suppose it’s easier said than done to accept it early and just start somewhere. Hopefully one day, a senior person will see the potential in us millenials. Obviously everything takes time but when you’ve worked so hard and it’s not recognized, this can be rather frustrating.

In situations like these, it’s best to remove one’s self from the setting and start fresh. Finally realized today, maybe I’m not meant to be in that industry. Perhaps my passion is coming to an end and it’s time to find a new inspiration. Moreover, it’s essential to discover what drives you? To have a reason to get up in the morning and actually be excited about what you’re doing. I’m planning to explore another avenue now into what that could possibly be. We’re young, we can do it. Here’s to hoping for better days.

Travel ~ London to NYC

Moving can be an eye-opening experience. It’s a real adventure. Settling in and adapting to a new environment is a task. It’s one of those situation where you discover a lot about yourself as a person. Patience is needed to survive or stay sane rather. I’m trying to find this city as home again but it’s not quite there yet. Perhaps when things start to fall into place. The early 20s is one big learning curve, constantly wondering how to start, try something new, maybe fail and somehow keep going. Obviously, it was never going to be easy but it helps when there are people who support and believe in you. Everything takes time…especially someone in the millennial generation.

Art ~ World Class Entertainment

This is art as the amazing comedy-drama HBO TV series returns this week.

Heads up, Girls season 3 is back soon, get excited and hype! Time for Hannah to get naked and Marnie to have a meltdown. Oh la la 😛

Girls main cast from left to right: Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Hannah (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams) and Shoshanna (Shoshanna Shapiro). Photo Credit: The Hunger.

The series follows four girls who are living in the empire state. Hannah, an OCD aspiring writier with loads anxious moments. Next, the best friend, Marnie who is involved in the creative arts world. Then innocent and clueless Shoshanna is constantly floating by. And of course, Jessa, an unpredictable, free-spirit who travels her own path. It’s a barrel of laughter.

The individuals encounter adventures of trial and error as young adults in New York City. Many can relate to those up and down days. The way in which we are each expected to meet social norms in society but somehow end up making our own rules. Often twisted notions for themes including self-discovery, employment, relationships, love, sex and commitment are flaunted with bits of humor to please the audience.

Let’s see what happens with Hannah and Adam. What’s going on with Marnie? Don’t get me started on Shoshanna. And the last question on loyal fans’ minds, where is Jessa? I’m wondering too, let’s discover together by checking out the season promo below. Then to find out more Girls Season 3 will air on 20 January on Sky Atlantic at 10pm for all of us in London.